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Vision Aid

Ridgecrest Herbals
60 Capsules
$19.99 USD
 about ridgecrest herbals vision aid:

This sought after traditional chinese medicine formula from Ridgecrest Herbals is said to be effective in managing failing eyesight, general eyestrain, and blurred vision.

Rehmannia Root Assists in new cell development of the delicate eye tissue
Cornus Fruit An excellent tonic. Stimulates fluid movement to and from the cells
Dioscorea Root Has tonic and restorative properties
Hoelen Strengthens the kidneys and stimulates the spleen
Moutan Root Bark Has specific effect on the spleen, liver, stomach and the intestines; all of which influence the health of the eyes
Alisma root Brightens vision
Cinnamon Bark A carminitative and sedative to the digestive organs
Aconite Root Reactivates degenerated organs

Dosage: 2 capsules, twice daily as needed


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