January 2, 2002


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Welcome to the first edition of A World of Good Health News for 2002! We are happy that you could join us...

We have a couple of administrative announcements to make this month, but first, a little about this month's article. Entitled "The Five Elements", this article by Cecilia Yankelevich explores the complicated relationships that make up traditional TCM theory. The article is certain to enhance your understanding of this important component of Chinese Medicine, and incorporates some helpful tables and diagrams to assist you.

Our feature product this edition is the SLIM PACK. A combination package, consisting of two packages of the very popular formula, Clear Metabolism, and one of Clear the Toxins, the SLIM PACK is certain to start your new year off in a healthier direction. For more information on how you can save 25% off regular pricing, see our Feature Product area below!

Now on to the administrative announcements...

In response to the express interests of our readers, A World of Good Health News will be altering its format come February 1st. Renamed The TCM Journal, the newsletter will continue to offer our readers high quality articles and resources on this area of growing popularity. The reformatted publication will incorporate many of our most popular features, including the opportunity for subscribers to win monthly prizes, news in the field of alternative medicine, product specials, and more.

Featuring the works of highly respected TCM practitioners and writers from around the globe, the TCM Journal is certain to maintain your interest, while enhancing your level of knowledge regarding all forms of Eastern Medicine.

All current subscribers to A World of Good Health News will automatically receive the TCM Journal upon its release on February 1st. This is an automated process that requires no additional efforts on the part of our readers.

If, for some reason you are not interested in receiving The TCM Journal, please let us know prior to February 1st at: newsletter@aworldofgoodhealth.com

We look forward to sharing this exciting new publication with you, and thank you for your continued support, and feedback throughout our organization's growth. Your needs continue to be our sole inspiration.

Wishing you health, and true joy,


The Five Element Theory by Cecilia Yankelevich

In the five-element theory, an analogy between the features and actions of something, and the characteristics of the five elements is made so that the properties of things similar to those of wood are classified into wood; those things similar to fire, into fire, etc.

For instance, in classifying according to the five elements, the east is classified as wood because the sun rises from it, which is similar to the ascending and flourishing characteristics of wood; the hot south is classified as fire because it is similar to the flaring-up characteristics of fire; the sun sets in the west, and represents metal because it is similar to the clearing and descending characteristics of metal; the cold north, represents water because it is similar to water in nature.

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